Meet the Masters of Camp Budo 2017
  1. Executive Director
    Ernie Cates
    Professor GrandMaster
    Professor Ernie Cates is the Founder of Neko-ryu Goshin Jitsu
  2. Executive Director
    Robert Stines
    10th Dan Black Belt Sanshin-ryu Jujitsu
  3. Executive Director
    Doug Perry
    Represents Shorinryu Shorinkan Kyokai in North America
  4. Executive Director
    Steve Wolk
    9th degree black belt, Doce Pares Multi-Style System
  5. Executive Director
    Tony Maynard
    Professor GrandMaster
    10th Degree Prof. Tony Maynard’s American Combat Ju-Jitsu
  6. Executive Director
    Chris Laing
    Professor GrandMaster
    Grandmaster Sunburst Natural Kungfu & Professor Filipino Martial Arts
  7. Executive Director
    Shawn Chitwood
    5th Degree Black Belt – Combat Jujitsu, 3rd Degree Black Gracie Jiu jitsu
  8. Executive Director
    Danny Glover
    Professor GrandMaster
    Ku-Dan Lineage Holder of Neko-Ryu Goshin Kutsu system
  9. Executive Director
    Elvin Fields
    10th degree black belt in Liger-Ryu & 6th degree black belt in Neko-Ryu
  10. Executive Director
    Matthew Staley
    Master Lineage Holder
    Disciple of Chang Yukai, Ph.D, Lineage holder in Yang Taijiquan, Hebei Xingyiquan
  11. Executive Director
    Mark Spence
    Master Lineage Holder
    Instructor Jeet Kune Do, Boxe Francaise (Savate), and Muay Thai kickboxing

Biography  Ernie Cates

Biography  Robert Stines

Biography  Doug Perry

Camp Budo Registration & Payment
To attend Camp Budo 2017, you must fill out this registration completely.  There will be safety waiver release forms to sign in your package when you arrive to the school for the seminar.  Give yourself enough time to fill out that additional paperwork before the camp officially begins.
719 Gate City Blvd, Greensboro NC 27403
Big Yellow Building, Parking is available in back of building for the event.  You will turn on Dick Street and parking will be on the Right side in the fenced in area.
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