When you attend a University, you choose which education program you will enter.  We are much like a University, with different programs of study.  As an Academy, a student can learn to study many different arts, all with a different focus and all with different requirements of the physical body and demands on the mind.
Greensboro Martial Arts Academy was created not for profit, but to help give back to our communities and to the generations of people who need and desire to defend themselves.  We are not an ego driven business, set on being the best school in the area.  Those who are looking for our kind of environment will not feel as comfortable in other martial arts schools, therefore, we do not consider ourselves competition to other schools.  We wish to collaborate within our communities and see a rise in self-empowerment and personal value, not in crime, fear and assault.  We stand for something good and we are proud of it and want others to be a part of it.
We compete at Tournaments, and train our students to overcome their fear of competition and to believe that they can better themselves and earn trophies.  We are not here to 'stomp' the competition, but recognize that competition offers the students a chance to overcome an obstacle and fear.  It gives the student, adult or child, a goal to work towards, and we offer the tools they need to achieve those goals.
We are not a franchise with a business model set on drying out your bank accounts.  We are a mission-oriented small business who does what we can for our community, offering tuition scholarships for classes and for competitions.
We believe in our students.  We believe in the value of any person, no matter the gender, race, age, sexual orientation or economic standing. Every person has the right to feel empowered, strong and important.  We want future generations to recognize and value people, to show respect, to choose integrity and to be a true warrior of honor in a world that teaches selfishness and materialism.