Cross Training Martial Arts Program
*Main Curriculum*

Cross Training  in the martial arts systems is such an important part of learning the best way to build your body and training to defend yourself and family. 

​If you are a beginner, we will teach you the fundamentals, step by step, all the way to a Master Black Belt rank. If you are an experienced martial artist, we won't ignore your rank or experience, but work along with your understanding of the martial arts and help broaden your training to meet your goals.

This program is great for kids, adults and a bonding family activity.

​​The Cross Training Martial Arts program is the non-sport mixed 
 martial arts.
This is a complete study of the martial arts.  We do not limit what students learn to just a single system.  In this Cross-trained system you will learn the best of the Japanese and the Okinawan Karate Systems; the famous Chinese Shao-lin Kung-Fu, The Emperor's Long Fist, Tai Chi & the Chinese art of Chin Na (to seize and control).

Students will also learn the traditional Japanese & Chinese Martial Weapons, and the filipino escrima stick and knife from the Modern Arnis System.  

For students who are seeking the scholar and the warrior approach to learning martial arts, this is the program for you to parcipate.  It is family-friendly, giving you years of material to learn as a martial artist.  By the time you are a black belt you will have a solid understanding of most main stream martial arts, both Chinese and Japanese.

​TRAIN FOR 45 DAYS - helps you determine if we are the right school for you and your personal goals

 Warrior Black Belt Path - 3 Year Program $100/mo
Membership agreement, no cancelation fee.

You will receive the $50/mo discount from $150 price if you commit to 3 years. If you don't complete the 3 years, all you owe is what we discounted each month.


3 paths to Black Belt/Sash:
"Scholar", "Warrior" or "Scholar Warrior"
Choose your path, each make you a different kind of martial artist.

INTERNSHIP Blue Belt Path - 1 Year Program $125/mo
Membership agreement, no cancelation fee.
You will receive the $25/mo discount from $150 price if you commit to 1 year. If you don't complete the 1 year, all you owe is what we discounted each month.

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Muay Thai Savate Kickboxing
Jeet Kune Do
Redmane Martial Arts
What happens when you train the devastating power of a kickboxer and learn the fighting strategy created by Bruce Lee?  You become a bad *%#.
Sifu Instructor Mark Spence, an advocate for fitness and empowerment, teaches hard hits of Muay Thai Kickboxing, the circular kicking of French Style Kickboxing and the direct hit first techniques of the famous Jeet Kune Do.  
In this training program, it doesn't matter if you have martial arts experience or not, Sifu Mark will develop your body and help sharpen your mind to practical ways of using what you have to defend yourself.  His emphasis on developing your fitness and cardio make his classes a favorite among those who want quick results.
Learning all three systems at once is the best way to maximize your ability to overcome any obstacles that might stand in your way.  Want to lose weight?  Not a problem.  Want to learn to take down taller, heavier opponents?  Not a problem.  Sifu Mark will teach you how to use your body against the opponent to defend yourself...or just to have a bit of fun.

If you are serious about losing weight and gaining muscle, then have Sifu Mark become your Personal Trainer!

Muay Thai Savate Kickboxing Class Schedule & Tuition: 

Monday, Wednesday, Friday 
7:30pm to 8:30pm
Tuition is $75 per month

Tuition is discounted $20 if you also train in our Cross Training System. 
Personal Training is also available here at our member's gym.
Sifu Mark Spence cell phone: (252) 267-4246  
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Triad Nei Jia Academy Arts
​Tai Chi, XingYi & BaGuazhang

The focus of the Chinese Boxing class is to give an over view of Chinese Kung Fu.  It will work through the core methods of Boxing with a focus on how the skills are applied for fighting and self defense. The curriculum covers such elements as; Northern Shaolin, Hop Gar, Fu Jian White Crane, White Ape Boxing, Southern Dragon and many other exciting elements of the Kung Fu world. This class will provide a broad overview of Chinese Boxing giving the student the working knowledge of multiple styles and how to utilize them to improve physical confidence, fitness and the application of the movements.

Tai Ji and Ba Gua Class

Tai Ji and Ba Gua are two of the famous Internal styles from China.  They focus on the use of tendon and ligament structure instead of brute force making their study suitable for people of all ages and fitness levels.  The slow low impact method of training is a great way to lose weight, but hidden in the soft slow motions are many applications for self-defense. Whether it is through the slow stately motions of Yang Style Tai Ji, or the circular moving meditation of Ba Gua’s Circle Walking this class will focus on the use of the Internal instead of the External, promote health and weight loss, as well as teach self defense. For the more vigorous and daring, Xing Yi with it’s aggressive spiraling motions will also be offered in this Class.

​Chinese Boxing/Tai Ji Schedule & Tuition:

Tuesday: 6pm-7pm (Tai Ji  *Tai Chi*)
7pm - 8:30pm (Xing yi, BaGuazhang)

Friday: 6pm-7:30pm (Xing yi, BaGuazhang)

$20 per class or $120 per month

Sifu Matt Staley
386-341-5057  (Sifu Staley's cell phone number)
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Goju Ryu Karate

Goju Ryu Karate is a special kind of Traditional Okinawan Karate.

It's a special blend of Chinese Liu Liu Ko, known to the Japanese as Ryu Ryu Ko, the Fukien White Crane System.  This has powerful circular movements of the Crane and the Fast strikes of the Tiger Kung Fu Style.  The leaner, more direct attacks from Kyusho Jitsu also add to the Goju Vocabulary of fierce movements, including joint locks, breaks, throws, sweeps, grappling and intense ground fighting.

This is a systemized traditional class, which hones your strength, focus and martial ability through the training in stances, blocks and strikes, and the infamous Karate Kata that moves as smoothly as the dance with death.

The Karataka, the person who takes Karate, will learn various disciplines of the Art of Kabuto, Weaponry & various Okinawan Jitsu's.

This curriculum has been used famously by the Goju Ryu School of New Jersey at the Olympic Center for decades, as our Kyoshi Howell studied for almost 40 years.
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Goju Ryu Schedule & Tuition:

Tuesdays: 7:45pm - 8:45pm
Thursdays: 7:45-8:45pm

Drop in Rate: $21.00 each class

Ask us how you can get the first year of tuition for half the cost!

Sensei James Howell
Call & speak directly to Kyoshi Howell, he's a very good man who would love to chat with you about his classes and training.

Kyoshi Howell at

Lil' Dragon's Kids Program
(ages 3 to 8)
The Lil' Dragon's kids program will give your kids a healthy outlet for their extra energy while teaching them the fundamentals of Karate, gymnastics and the importance of respecting their teachers and parents.
What do you do when a stranger tries to get you to go with them?  You yell "STOP! You're a stranger! Leave me alone!"
We want your children to be prepared for the real world.  They may not know it, but you as a parent have the constant job of keeping them safe from those who would do them harm.  It's our responsibility to help keep them safe.  We want the children to understand how to protect themselves by being aware of what to do, what to say, and who to trust.  The Karate and discipline they learn from us are only small fractions of the valuable lessons they learn as a Lil' Dragon.

Lil' Dragons Schedule & Tuition:

​Wednesdays at 5pm

$10 per class
​You can pay per class, or pay ahead on what you anticipate to bring your children to each month

$60 Registration per child includes the uniform and the promotion of their first two Belt Promotions

Lil' Dragons Promotion Demonstration
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Martial Arts Combatives
Martial Arts Combatives is a Hybrid mix of hard hitting martial arts with snake like speed blocks and strikes.  It is the blend taught by Sa Ba Nym CC Henry, as he's devoted the majority of his lifetime to the practice and application of martial study.

Students training in the martial arts combatives will learn the Korean striking and kicking arts, along with Chinese influenced close combat trapping, simple and complex throws, joint manipulations, deceptive movement tactics and weapons training. The system teaches one to flow through the opponent and to control your own center with balance, strength and grace.

If your interest lies with Wing Chun Kung Fu, then we recommend you giving this class your attention.

Sa Ba Nym Cequence Henry is the primary instructor for this program.  He is highly skilled in multi-disciplines found within Kuk Sool Hapkido and willing to share his knowledge for those who seek.
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Tuesday & Thursday: 6:30pm - 7:30pm
Saturday: 1:30pm - 2:30pm

Tuition is $80 per month, with a $50 Registration fee

Sa Ba Nym (instructor): Cequence Henry (CC)
336-340-0736  (CC's cell phone number)
Call or Text for more information


The intense form of grappling made famous by the Gracie family. Equal parts mental and
physical, BJJ training is a uniquely rewarding experience from beginner all the way to advanced

Characterized by the ability of its practitioners to efficiently control and submit much larger and
stronger opponents, BJJ is widely considered to be one of the world's most effective martial
arts. Translated as the “gentle art” a key aspect of BJJ training is that it allows the student to
safely train and spar, in every class, at nearly maximum intensity with no need to modify the

Learn the fundamentals of ground grappling, efficient use of energy, and powerful application of
leverage. Gi or no gi, the knowledge gained here can be applied both inside and outside of the
class; to other martial arts or to life itself.

Enter the amazing culture of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, where the most skilled are the most humble and
egos are left at the door. Whether your goal is fitness, competition, or self-defense, BJJ has
something for you!

Class Schedule:
Every other Monday, Wednesday, Friday
7:30pm -9:00pm
(instructor is an E.M.S., so his work schedule rotates to every other week)

$65 per month
**Discount for all First Responders**

$100 per month 
Isshin-Ryu Classes & Brazilian Jiu Jitsu 

One Class Drop in Rate:


Okinawan karate founded by
Tatsuo Shimabuku

Isshin-Ryu Karate is characterized by efficient body movement, lighter stances, and the use of
the vertical fist. It was developed as a synthesis of three Okinawan martial styles: Shorin-Ryu,
Goju-Ryu, and Kobudo.

At the core of this class is functional karate training that encompasses the three ranges of
close-combat (striking, trapping, & grappling) and their associated techniques. Overarching
concepts and principles are the focus of each class which are imparted through solo and partner
drills. They are applied against gradually increasing levels of resistance, until the student
develops both a deep understanding of the techniques’ functionality and the ability to apply
them spontaneously against a resisting opponent.

Guidance and resources will also be provided to those who wish to take on a more holistic study
of karate, including its history, philosophy, and culture.

Students within this program will have the opportunity to be at the forefront of the Spirit of
Karate​ movement! The central idea: Karate is valuable to society both as an art of living and as
a living art. Based upon this idea, we stand for collaboration between individual karate-ka and
beyond style with the purpose of sharing karate as a way of life and self-defense; for the good of
society and future generations.
Every other Monday, Wednesday, Friday
6:00pm - 7:30pm
(The instructor is an E.M.S., so his work schedule rotates every week)

$65 per Month

$100 per Month
Combined Tution for both
Brazilian Jiu Jitsu & Isshinryu Karate

$10.00 One Class Drop in Rate

336-864-0593 (Cell Phone)

Call or text for specific  schedule details