Yoga Classes with REAL LIFE. REAL YOGA start May 9th!

Regular Yoga Classes are discontinued for now until later this fall.  Please contact Becky for information and questions about her programs!

Becky Scoggins, Yoga Teacher
With humble origins in the corporate arena, Becky Scoggins spent over 15 years in marketing, advertising and public relations for large and small companies alike. Her journey with weight loss eventually led her to yoga, which turned out to be the very change her sedentary life needed. Five years later, her passion for health and wellness has enabled her to obtain her RYT-200 certification, which she utilizes to teach students of all shapes, sizes and abilities. Specializing in stress and anxiety, trauma, PTSD and at-risk/ incarceration, Becky shares her love of yoga by equipping her students to tackle any challenge in life with a no-frills, down-to-earth approach to each class or practice. She lives in Greensboro with her husband, son, and spoiled chihuahua.
Class Schedule

Introducing Buti Yoga!

Hatha Yoga – Our most popular class!
The goal of Hatha Yoga is to create an absolute balance between the physical body, mind and energy. This class will use asanas (physical postures), breathing techniques and meditation. Participants will become stronger, more flexible and will feel relaxed at the end of each class.

We offer the following types of Hatha Yoga classes:
All Levels – Suitable for a small group of people with varying abilities and levels of experience. We will give plenty of variations, allowing more advanced students to go further, while providing an opportunity for beginner students to rest or explore easier options in a pose.

Beginner – Suitable for absolute beginners with little or no experience with yoga. You will be introduced to basic yoga postures and the instructor will offer plenty of modifications and verbal cues to ensure that you are safe and practicing postures correctly.

Intermediate – Suitable for an individual or small group that have at least some experience doing yoga. Students should be familiar with some English names of postures.

Advanced – Only suitable for those that have experience with yoga. Postures will be more challenging and may include balancing poses and inverted poses. Be prepared to work hard!

Meditation/Stress Relief
This class will relax the body and calm the mind. Meditation has been shown to increase quality of life, lower blood pressure and cholesterol, reduce stress and much more. Suitable for all levels. Classes are 30 minutes long.

Power Yoga
A highly energized and fast-paced flow of yoga, Power Yoga is challenging and invigorating, and will strengthen every muscle in your body as you work up a sweat, vigorously heat the body, and move quickly through each posture. All participants should be somewhat physically fit before beginning this class.

Yin Yoga
This style of yoga is more passive than most and uses gravity to allow you to descend more deeply into your practice. Yin Yoga targets connective tissue, such as ligaments and tendons, more so than in a more active style of yoga. Poses are held anywhere from 1-5 minutes. While this may initially be seen as easy, participants usually report that it is much more difficult than they anticipated.
Please note: Yin Yoga requires the use of props. Each student will need a blanket, two blocks and if possible, a bolster or oversized pillow.

Restorative Yoga
Restorative Yoga is perfect for those recovering from injury. This restful practice implements body awareness, breath work and deeply relaxing poses. Almost all of the poses will be seated or lying down, with the use of props. This style of yoga helps to oxygenate the body, decrease blood pressure and gently bring the body into a relaxed state.
Please note: Restorative Yoga requires the use of props. Each student will need a blanket, two blocks and if possible, a bolster or oversized pillow.


Many athletes might think they don’t have time to add yoga to their already intense training schedules. They may not see how ‘stretching and breathing’ would be beneficial to their regimen. Others may temporarily add yoga to their routines only after sustaining an injury. So why should athletes practice yoga regularly?

First and foremost, yoga is a critical tool in preventing injuries.

Repetitive movements in one direction or plane of motion develop certain muscle groups while neglecting others. Over time, this process creates imbalances in the body, leading to injuries. Even if athletes stretch before or after a workout, they are stretching muscles in the same direction and plane of motion as their exercise. Yoga works the body across multiple planes, including sagittal, frontal and transverse planes. This ensures well-rounded development and decreases the risk of overuse injury. Common overuse injuries in athletes include illiotibial band (ITB) injuries, as well as injuries in the knees, hamstrings, hip flexors and shoulders. These can be linked to poor flexibility or range of motion, as well as misalignment.

A well-rounded yoga practice includes dynamic flexibility training, core stabilization, strength conditioning and balance work. As a result, the body recovers faster after workouts, and tight areas in the body that hinder performance are opened and released over time. Yoga also improves range of motion, and develops mental sharpness and better concentration. That’s where REAL LIFE. REAL YOGA.™ comes in.

REAL LIFE. REAL YOGA Can Help Athletes Heal from Injury

Our program for athletes’ helps to alleviate muscle, tendon, and ligament tightness, build a stronger core, and align the spine. Athletes are able to perform better and with less injury and imbalance. REAL LIFE. REAL YOGA.™ sessions for athletes are a great way to achieve the benefits of yoga while tracking individual progress. With more one-on-one instruction, athletes get the attention they deserve. There’s no need to send them to a gym or studio to practice yoga in a crowded room full of bendy yogis at an inconvenient time. 

Each session is designed specifically for participating athletes and their level of experience and ability. They will focus on exercises for sport-specific risks, taking into consideration pre-existing conditions and peak fitness goals. Sessions can be as short as 15 minutes and as long as 90 minutes, depending on your program needs.

Choose from our many class types or REAL LIFE. REAL YOGA.™ can design one for you.

Instructors are fully licensed and experienced practitioners.

Each instructor is certified in Emergency First Aid and CPR.

We institute a neutral stance with regards to yoga, physical fitness, religion, and/or spirituality.

Our classes range from ultimate beginners to advanced.

Have a specific request?  We will design a program specifically for your needs.

Benefits of REAL LIFE. REAL YOGA. classes:

Weight loss

Decreases blood pressure and cholesterol

Increases metabolism, circulation and respiration

Reduces migraine frequency and intensity

Improves cardiovascular endurance
Decreases back pain

Improves hormone function

Reduces joint pain and risk of osteoporosis and arthritis

Better muscle tone

Integrates body function (mind/body connection)

Improves gastrointestinal function

Reduces stress, anxiety and depression

Better posture

Increases energy and better sleep

Improves mood and self-image

Better memory and concentration

Improves hand-eye coordination and dexterity

Additional benefits for athletes:

Improves spinal alignment

Re-builds atrophied muscle safely

Increases bone density

Strengthens ligaments and tendons around at-risk joints

Increases balance

Improves dexterity

Detoxifies the body

Integrative REAL LIFE. REAL YOGA. focal areas include:

Stress and anxiety

Heart conditions

Pulmonary health

Joint pain and arthritis

Sleep disorders

Hormonal imbalances



Lower back



Upper back, shoulders and neck



Senior citizens



Join our yoga program...and experience just how strong you are at your core.