Soke- Robert Stines Jr.

Robert Stines Jr. began self-defense training in 1975; learning jujitsu and wrestling from his father, Robert Sr., who was an accomplished high school wrestler, and learned basic jujitsu techniques at the local YMCA. Stines also learned boxing fundamentals from his grandfather, and these experiences sparked Stines’ interest in martial arts and self-defense. Through the encouragement of his family and a desire to learn the martial arts, Stines began researching and seeking out instructors. Stines started training, simultaneously, in traditional Shorin-ryu & Goju ryu Karate with J. W. Ball and Shaolin Kung-fu with Tyrone Shepherd in 1983; and also started competing in local martial arts tournaments. In 1985 Dr. OJ Helvey, the Judo coach of the local college, visited the Karate Dojo where Stines was training and introduced Judo to the class; Stines then began training in Judo while continuing his studies of Okinawan and Chinese martial arts. In 1986 he also began training each weekend in Tiger-Crane Kung-fu under Master Richard Pickens; until Pickens untimely death in a car accident.
In 1987 Stines began traveling to compete and to train with various instructors, and also attending seminars and martial arts camps to increase his knowledge of the martial arts. Although training in several martial art styles and with multiple instructors, Stines remained loyal to his Shorin-ryu instructors, Judo and Shaolin teachers. While attending College classes and training under Dr. Helvey in Judo, Helvey introduced Stines to Phil Porter of the US Judo Association and to Professor Wally Jay in 1989; at this time Stines began learning Danzan-ryu jujitsu. Considering the various martial arts that Stines was learning, Professor Jay encouraged Stines to continue his Judo training and to become involved in Sport Jujitsu competition. However, Stines was a member of the U.S. Karate Team and was training for the World Karate Championships; being coached by Jerry Lemons who is a Shotokan instructor and multiple World Karate Champion, as well as a 12 time National Karate Champion. Stines won the Silver medal in weapons, the silver medal in kata, and the Gold medal in fighting at the 1991 WSKF (World Shorin-ryu Karate Federation) World Championships. Following this event, Stines took the advice of Professor Jay and attended the first USSJA (United States Sport Jujitsu Association) National Championships. Stines won the Championships and at this event he met Professor Tony Maynard, Founder of the USSJA and coach Ernie Boggs, the US Team head coach. Stines earned a position as a member of the U.S. Sport Jujitsu Team, and competed with the team several years; 1992-2000.

During his time with the U.S. Jujitsu Team, Stines continued his traditional practice and trained with various martial art instructors, as well as learning from his team mates and students in his dojo. Many students that trained with Stines also competed and traveled with the USSJA sport jujitsu team, as well as traveling with Master Don Madden and representing the USA through the AKJU (American Karate and Jujitsu Union). Stines and his students support the USSJA, USJA (US Judo Association) the AKJU, and Jujitsu America (Founded by Professor Wally Jay & others). Stines continues as a student of the martial arts and is open to learn from any and all martial artists; however, he is proud to be a student and representative of Professor Tony Maynard and Master Don Madden.

Through the encouragement of many of his students and instructors, Stines began blending the traditional styles that he has learned into a progressive style with traditional martial arts as a base. The first “rough draft” of Sanshin-ryu was put together in 1994; although it did not have a name at that time. The styles that Stines used to develop this style were Danzan-ryu Jujitsu, Shorin-ryu Karate, and Kodokan Judo, and with that in mind, the name of the style came into being. Three styles meant three ways of approaching self-defense and personal development. The “school of three minds” was used to denote the new style, and the name “Sanshin-ryu” was adopted. It took several years of development and organization to establish the style and gain the recognition of being a recognized system. Sanshin-ryu was presented to the Masters’ Do-Kai Sokeship council and accepted as a legitimate martial arts curriculum in 2005. Stines and his students have continued to make a mark on the martial arts community through accomplishments in competition, seminars, and training camps, and helping to improve the communities of various Sanshin-ryu dojos.

Stines’ Martial arts Training Accomplishments
10th Dan Black Belt Sanshin-ryu Jujitsu (Soke)
6th Dan Black Belt Nihon-ryu Jujitsu
5th Dan Black Belt Danzan-ryu Jujitsu
5th Dan Black Belt Shorin-ryu Karate
5th Dan Black Belt Kodokan Judo
4th Dan Black Belt Tae Kwon Do
4th Dan Black Belt Hapkido
3rd Dan Black Belt American Combat Jujitsu
1st Dan Black Belt Shotokan Karate
1st Dan Black Belt Isshin-ryu Karate
Stines’ Competition Accomplishments
1986- Tennessee Karate Circuit Champion
1988 – Tennessee State Judo Champion
1989 – Indiana State Judo Champion
1990 – U.S. SKF National Karate Champion
1991 - WSKF World Karate Champion
USSJA National Champion
1992 – USSJA National Champion
1993 - USSJA National Champion
1994 - USSJA National Champion
WCJO World Championships
Individual Silver Medalist
USA Team Bronze Medalist
1995 - USSJA National Champion
1996 - USSJA National Champion
I.S.J.A. World Champion
1997 - USSJA National Champion
1998 - USSJA National Champion
I.S.J.A. World Champion
Began Fighting in the Pancrase Organization Tokyo Japan ’98 – 2000
1999 - USSJA National Champion
2000 - USSJA National Champion
I.S.J.A. World Champion
World Martial Arts Hall of Fame - Full Contact fighter of the Year
2004 – WFC World Heavy weight Champion (Pro MMA)
2006 – 2008 Heavy Weight Fighter for the Miami Force in Chuck Norris’ World Combat League
2011 – Member of the AKJU Team America
Irish Cup Karate and Jujitsu Championships;
Dublin Ireland
Jujitsu Fighting Grand Champion - Irish Cup winner
Duo Gold Medal; with student Cheyene Miller
Grappling Gold Medal

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