Shihan Mickey Heath
School of Hard Knox Martial Arts

Shihan Mickey Heath has 35 years of martial arts training and 30 years of a martial arts instructors.

Martial Arts styles:

6th Degree Black Belt Isshinryu Karate
5th Degree Black Belt American Combat JuiJitsu
2nd Degree Black Belt Iaido
1st Degree Black Belt Kodenkan Jujitsu

Martial Arts Hall of Fame Member

AJA Outstanding Black Belt
Instructor of the Year Recipient

WCJO Official

United States Sport JuJitsu Team Member 1988

United States Sport JuJitsu Team Assistant Coach '95, '96 '98

United States Sport JuJitsu Team Head Coach 2000 (World Gold Medal Champions)
Member of the ASJL Board of Directors

"I have studied directly with Shihan Heath, and I can tell you that he is one of the most talented martial arts teachers I've come across.  I look forward to my time studying under his teaching even more in the future." 

​-Michael Johnson, owner of Greensboro Martial Arts Academy