​Sifu Casey Martin
Greensboro Martial Arts Academy takes quality and safety seriously. We want you to get to know our instructors even before you walk into our school.  Our instructors aren't just good martial artists, they are good people too.
How many years have you been involved as a martial artist?
Took some classes as a child began serious training in late 2009 never looked back.

What is the most difficult obstacle you had continuing your training?
Money, there were times I started training in one school but could no longer afford it, Luckily I had teachers who would allow me to do odd jobs in exchange for training

Why did you pursue martial arts?
I wanted to beat up my cousin, No really the whole reason I started training again was to prove to my cousin that I could fight, at the time he said I had alot of Heart but no talent when it came to fighting. How ever the reasons changed as the training progressed, you start to get a change of perspective when you learn how fragile life really is. I train now because its a passion for me and it made me a better person

Were you bullied in your youth?
Yes, quite horribly in fact. I had people tell me I should kill myself I was pushed around because I was raised religious and didnt do alot of the things my peers did, I was a target because I didnt want to retaliate because I was afraid I would hurt them. despite it all im glad it happened that way their stupidity helped shape who I am.

How long have you been teaching martial arts?
since 2012

What kind of teacher are you?
I like to have fun while I teach, my students work out with a smile on their face. My first teacher called it the Hawaiian approach we start class with a greeting then we put in work training to become better, I take an active roll in class its not uncommon to see my students throwing me around when no one else is available for them to partner with.  

What do you teach best and what don't you do well?
I specialize in Self Defense and short bridge (close range) fighting, I excell in Southern Gung fu. The styles i do lack Fa Kune (flowery technique) our forms (kata) are simple, because of that students may seek other styles to learn more flashy movements.  

Do you consider yourself a good martial artist?
To quote the great Bruce Lee " If I tell you im good you will say I am boasting, if I say im no good you will know thats a lie". I will say I am better now than I was yesterday and I will be even better tomorrow. Am I a good Martial artist? thats for my students to decide

What do you recommend for students who have anger issues?
Calm down. Anger finds us all from time to time an angry student will calm down through the work out and they will find encouragement to let things roll off as they come. There is a difference between having anger and having an overinflated ego.

What experience do you have teaching outside of the martial arts?
I use to work in construction installing windows, vinyal siding and roofing. I also use to draw, I designed the menus for a local resturaunt at one point. It is not my fault the resturaunt closed down a year later.  

What is your career?
I teach martial arts in 3 different locations

How did you choose your career?
Seemed like a good idea at the time, who would want a job doing what they love? 

Do you enjoy teaching children?
Yes, I love seeing that aha! moment when they finally understand a technique 

What groups of people/students are you best at teaching?
I like teaching adults, in my area atleast adults see martial arts as a childrens activity when in fact at one point you needed this stuff to survive, I like showing them its still a valid and much needed option for self defense. After all Martial arts mean war art not day care.  

What promise do you want to make to your students?
I promise to show up and give my best everytime I step on the mat, thats all I can promise.

How are you going to help your students be successful?
By giving 100 percent of my teaching time to the students while i am in the studio, however a teacher is not a miracle worker.
I can teach you techniques and concepts, but if the student does not practice there can be no success. Nothing worth having ever comes easy. 

Do you have a formal education?
In regards to martial arts yes, how ever no I didnt go to college 

What life lessons can you teach well to students?
Be proud of your self, compete only with yourself and ignore the negitivity in life and if you cant, use it to fuel you passion to be better.  

Why do you teach martial arts?
I love it, I like seeing the changes it makes in a persons life and the confidence it builds 

Have you ever been in a physical fight outside of the dojo and what we're the circumstances surrounding it.
Yes on 2 occasions since i started training, it was self defense and I won. 

How do you feel about recreational drugs in your personal life?
I dont do any form of recreational or prescribed drug, what people do in their own homes is their own business  

What advice could you give a young student who is being bullied at school?
This is the same thing I will tell my kids If its verbal ignore it or tell a teacher, try to work it out. no one has the right to cause you bodily harm if they move to attack you defend yourself

How old are you?

What styles have you Learned?
Eclectic Southern Kung fu blend, JKD Concepts, Wing Chun, Student of Running Fist Kung Fu 

What is your favorite style of martial art?
Any Art that flows Im partial to Southern styles of kung fu and trapping arts. 

What's more important, showing that you're a competent martial artist or demonstrating that you're a competent teacher?
You can be a competent martial artist and a bad teacher, but you can not be a competent teacher with out being a great martial artist.

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